All the following links are from 2020 protests/riots against police brutality and militarization and systemic racism:

THREAD of countless journalists being arrested or shot at by cops for simply doing their jobs:

Another THREAD of cops brutalizing and arresting journalists for doing their jobs:

Cop bodyslamming people, then using another person as a human shield when protestors retaliate:

NYPD driving police cruiser into protestors:

Cops stealing water supply of peaceful protestors:

National Guard and MPD sweeping residential street, shooting paint canisters at innocent people sitting on their own front porches, yelling “light em up”:

Salt Lake City cops shove an old man with a cane to the ground for the crime of standing along the street:

NYPD driving an suv through a crowd of people:

Cops covering their badges to avoid being held accountable for their own lawlessness:

Gang-like behavior by police in Detroit:

Seattle cop kneels on someone’s neck the same way George Floyd was killed, another officer forcefully moves him:

Young girl walking home from grocery store — not even protesting — shot in the face with rubber bullet by police:

NYPD cop pulls down mask of peaceful protestor to mace him in the face from point-blank range:

Police destroyed a tent full of medics & their equipment:

Hit and run by LAPD on live television:

Cop runs over peaceful protestor with his cruiser:

Fascist authoritarian police state in LA:

2-minute long video of police inciting violence at peaceful protests:

Police mace and kick a young girl peacefully protesting:

NYPD attacking peaceful protestors for no good reason:

Minneapolis police slashing tires of parked cars:

NYPD officer points gun at protestors:

Police destroyed entire medical encampment:

NYPD officer throws up the white power sign (his buddy loves it):

Columbia, SC looking like an authoritarian fascist police state:

Cops arresting peaceful protestor for no good reason:

Police riot in Richmond:

Cops beating up people on live television, including journalists:

US helicopter hovering really low to the ground above a group of protestors to intimidate them:

Business owners call cops on looters, cops arrest the business owners instead:

Seattle cops initiate violence with peaceful protestors:

US stormtroopers/cops in Arkansas shooting peaceful protesters who are kneeling from very close range:

Mass teargassing of protesters trapped in between two police units in Philadelphia:

Grand Rapids PD firing a tear gas canister at an unarmed man (right after they maced him) point-blank to the face:

Boston cops destroy their own car to blame on protestors later:

Cops planting bricks which they will wait for protestors to use and then use that to justify violence of their own:

Cop in Philadelphia assaults and maces peaceful protestors directly in the eyes from point-blank range:

Cop forces a weapon into the hand of a protestor to get his DNA onto the weapon, giving cops an illegitimate excuse to commit violence:

Cop tries to illegally intimidate journalist into not documenting what is happening, then gives up when he realizes the journalist knows her rights:

‪Charlotte, NC police — unprovoked — trap protestors in parking garage from both sides to fire rubber bullets and tear gas canisters at them:‬

Man: “Don’t push me” Cop: “What the fuck are you going to do about it?” ; cops act like a gang of thugs and brutalize the man as he tries to walk away:

Cops stabbing all of protestors’ water bottles with knives and leaving the plastic laying in the street:‬

Cops kneel to pretend to show solidarity with protestors, baiting them in, then tear gas them when the protestors kneel in response:

Cops shoot pepper spray directly at CNN cameraman during a live broadcast:

Seattle police terrorizing protestors and journalists during a live broadcast on MSNBC:

SHORT THREAD: Cops in Albany harass an innocent man (in first video) and then assault him like a gang of thugs (in second video):

Cops kill Louisville business owner known for giving free meals to police and then leave his body lying in the street for 12 hours:

NYPD disguising themselves as taxi drivers to arrest protestors trying to get home:

Cincinnati cop takes a diabetic protestor’s bag containing her insulin ; she pleads for him to give it back because she needs it ; he won’t:

Iowa cops arrest protestors in the elevator of their own apartment complex, just trying to get home:

Cops assault and arrest HuffPost reporter, leave his (recording) phone on the ground, another journalist finds it and returns it:

Cops acting like a gang of thugs:

“IF YOU DO NOT MOVE, YOU WILL BE DEAD”- Cops terrorizing protestors and civilians in Walnut Creek, CA:

Cops doing a drive-by shooting with rubber bullets aiming at teenage protestors:‬

Cops firing tear gas and flash bangs at innocent women, families, and children:

Cops acting like a gang of brutal thugs in NYC:

Cops in Richmond, VA spit repeatedly onto a detained protestor (amid a global pandemic):

Portland cops spraying license plates to mark protestors so they can harass them later on:

Cops in Asheville destroyed a medical tent:

Video compilation of police using violence against peaceful protestors:

Cops violently beating peaceful protestors:

NYPD using violence against peaceful protestors in Brooklyn:

Cops murdered a 22-year-old man who was unarmed and kneeling peacefully:

Cops in NY violently beating innocent civilians for being out past curfew:

Woman in car honks her horn to support BLM protestors, high-ranking NYPD official tells her to shut the car off and hand over her keys:

Innocent passerby hit with tear gas yells at cops because he has a pregnant woman in the vehicle, cops start shooting at them with rubber bullets:

Cop gropes a woman he is restraining, then when she resists, lots of other cops assault her like a gang of thugs:

SEPARATE THREAD of several hundred instances of law enforcement abusing their power and authority to be violent:

Cops fire rubber bullets at a group of protestors trying to carry a kid who was previously shot to safety ; the kid ended up being in critical condition in the ER with severe brain damage:

Iowa cops shooting tear gas at peaceful protestors:

Vehicle runs over peaceful protestors, cops watch as it happens then do nothing to help:

Cops in LA attacking a group of peaceful protestors:

This story will be updated continuously as more information becomes available…

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