CNN’s Dem debate debacle reveals why you cannot depend on corporate news media

Why do the nation’s top, supposedly neutral and objective newsmen responsible for gatekeeping political discourse in the U.S. often sound indistinguishable from right-wing conservative politicians funded by, and arguing on behalf of, industries and lobbies like Big Pharma?

So, perhaps the real question is, why do we expect entertainment industry news corporations, with the same donors as right-wing conservative politicians across the country, and their multi-millionaire news personalities to give us the straight dope when it comes to mainstream, fundamental political discourse?

“Trump is a pathological liar. I tell the truth,” Sanders sharply replied.

Similarly, I don’t understand why anyone would go through all the trouble of working as a journalist, not to stand up for everyday folks and to hold powerful elites accountable for their actions, but to carry water for corrupt corporate oligarchs, too cowardly to stand up and tell the truth when doing so even remotely risks one’s career aspirations.

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from W.V. Contributing news editor for MU’s The Parthenon, formerly @ Herald-Dispatch. “The truth is weirder than any fiction I’ve seen,” -Hunter S. Thompson

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